Accommodation, Transport (to the services and back to the hotel). Please fill in all details below and add the number of Event tickets to order. One event ticket per person

Terms and Conditions:
– Our accommodation ranges from 1-3 star  hotel which offer lodging and breakfast. Please note that check-in starts on 29th December and check out is on the 2nd of January 2023 at 10:00 am.
– Transport will also be provided at scheduled times according to the program that you will be attending.
– We  a couple’s package
– Should you book and make payment, then for one reason or the other you do not attend, you will forfeit your entire payment.
– Due to regulations, any persons with disabilities are advised to first contact the office before making any booking.
– It is in your best interest to make your stay in Zambia a memorable one. we, therefore, request that you fill in the forms accurately.

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