What I Saw About Ethiopia ~ Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King

In a recent prophetic encounter, Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King received a powerful revelation about the nation of Ethiopia. As a global prophet, he was lifted by the Spirit of God and planted in Ethiopia to witness this revelation firsthand.

During his time there, Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King saw a wild beast entering the country. This beast had 12 horns, with each horn representing a particular group of people. This beast symbolized a stronghold and a strongman ruling over the nation of Ethiopia.

As Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King’s eyes were opened by the Spirit of God, he witnessed the wild beast using eight of its horns to attack and kill people. The violence spread from province to province, region to region, causing confusion and misunderstanding among the people. Some individuals were even possessed, leading them to use weapons against their fellow Ethiopians. Blood was shed, and the influence of this demonic beast with 12 horns was evident.

Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King also saw the beast causing widespread bloodshed and road accidents in other parts of the country. The spirit revealed that there would be fire outbreaks, destroying marketplaces, business establishments, buildings, and properties. It was a time of great turmoil and destruction.

However, amidst this darkness, the spirit of God proclaimed that the church in Ethiopia must rise and offer fervent prayers. Specifically, the spirit emphasized the importance of gathering in a particular place of worship made of stones or rock – a rocky church. It is in this sacred space that the people should cry out to the God of Heaven for prayer, salvation, relief, and deliverance.

The spirit assured that this beast with 12 horns would not succeed in its mission in Ethiopia. The call to prayer and unity would be the key to overcoming the violence and destruction that plagued the nation.

Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King’s revelation serves as a warning and a call to action for the people of Ethiopia. It is a reminder that amidst the challenges they face, there is hope and power in prayer. The church must gather in unity, seeking divine intervention for the salvation and deliverance of their nation.

Let those who have ears hear what the spirit of God is saying to the people of Ethiopia. Together, they can overcome and bring forth a brighter future for their beloved country.