Nigeria One On One PROPHETIC Ministration ~ Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King

Have you ever experienced a prophetic ministration? If not, let us introduce you to Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King, a powerful prophet and minister of God. In a recent one-on-one ministration in Nigeria, Apostle King demonstrated his gift of prophecy and spiritual discernment as he ministered to a man named Edward.

During the ministration, Apostle King started by praying for Edward’s well-being and for God’s glory to be revealed in his life. He then revealed that he could see a strong demonic attack on Edward’s health, particularly through his dreams. Edward confirmed that he had indeed been experiencing attacks in his dreams and even had moments where he was afraid to sleep.

Apostle King continued to reveal that the attacks were a sign of witchcraft and that the enemy was trying to find a loophole to strike Edward physically. He assured Edward that he was not close to halfway through his lifespan and that the enemy’s attempts to eliminate him would not succeed. Apostle King prophesied that Edward would be moved from his current location and encouraged him not to worry.

Edward shared that he had recently lost an opportunity to immigrate to the USA due to a dream his brother had involving a meeting where his travel plans were discussed. Apostle King reassured Edward that another door would open for him and encouraged him to trust in God’s timing.

Moving on, Apostle King revealed that he could see an issue with Edward’s heart and chest, causing difficulty in breathing. Edward confirmed that he had experienced moments where he would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like he had stopped breathing. Apostle King assured him that he would not die and prayed for God’s protection and prolonged life for Edward.

In addition to the health issues, Apostle King addressed Edward’s eating habits. He advised him to stay away from beans, red oil, and starchy foods. He explained that these foods could contribute to health problems and hinder the effectiveness of his prayers.

Apostle King then delved into a dream Edward had about neck pain. Edward shared that he had experienced pain in his neck after dreaming about casting out demons. Apostle King anointed Edward’s neck and prayed for the pain to be reduced, emphasizing that he would not have neck pain from that point forward.

Interestingly, Apostle King revealed that Edward had a love for eating plantains. However, he cautioned him to reduce his consumption of plantains as it was causing severe stomach and chest pain. Edward admitted to frequently eating fried plantains and even mentioned a recent dream he had about buying ripe plantains. Apostle King explained that the devil often attacks people with things they love, and in this case, it was plantains. He advised Edward to stay away from plantains for a while to avoid health issues.

In the midst of the ministration, Apostle King received a message regarding where Edward lived. He warned him to be vigilant and careful because he could see evil spirits and potential thieves targeting his house. Edward confirmed that he lived in a company’s premises with three other roommates. Apostle King advised him to consider getting a dog for added protection.

The prophetic ministration took an unexpected turn when Apostle King revealed that he saw a false accusation that might take Edward to court. However, he assured him that even if it happened, he would win the case. Apostle King prayed for divine intervention and deliverance from any false accusations connected to theft.

Apostle King concluded the ministration by advising Edward to embark on a seven-day fasting and prayer journey. He explained that the fasting was not only for Edward but also for the protection and preservation of his wife. Edward shared that his wife experienced severe body pain and chills occasionally. Apostle King emphasized the importance of the fast for their family’s well-being and prayed for divine intervention and protection.

In addition to the prophetic insights and prayers, Apostle King advised Edward to start tithing and assured him that it would bring stability to his finances. He even offered Edward the opportunity to bring his tithes to his ministry for monthly prayers.

Edward expressed his gratitude and explained that he had been following Apostle King’s ministry on YouTube for almost a year. He shared how inspired and connected he felt to the anointing and fire in Apostle King’s messages.

Lastly, Apostle King addressed the issue of interpreting dreams. He encouraged Edward to rely on the Holy Spirit as his best friend and attributed the lack of interpretation to a lack of understanding. He assured Edward that as he continued to connect with God and Apostle King, his understanding of dreams would improve.

In conclusion, the one-on-one prophetic ministration between Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King and Edward in Nigeria was a powerful demonstration of God’s presence and prophetic gifting. Edward received insights into his health, dreams, and personal life, along with prayers for protection, deliverance, and financial stability. This ministration serves as a testimony to the work of the Holy Spirit and the power of prophetic ministry in transforming lives.