New York City One On One Prophetic MinistrationšŸ”„ ~ Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King


This is a prophetic ministration by Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King, where he addresses various spiritual concerns and offers guidance. He advises the listener to be cautious of spiritual attacks and the envy of others. He encourages investment in real estate and warns of potential theft. The minister also discusses the importance of seeking long life and prays for success in work. The importance of choosing trustworthy friends is emphasized, and the need for a strong spiritual covering is highlighted.


  • There is a leadership position coming, but prayer is necessary to secure it and overcome spiritual opposition.
  • The listener should be aware of spiritual attacks and seek protection.
  • Investing in property and real estate is recommended for financial success.
  • Be cautious of potential theft and seek divine intervention.
  • Prayer is needed for success in work and to overcome obstacles.
  • Choosing trustworthy friends is crucial, as some may have malicious intentions.
  • The importance of being under a strong spiritual covering and serving in a local ministry is emphasized.