My star must shine

let’s start with the first scripture first Corinthians 15 vs 41. first corinthians the church in corinth chapter 15 verse 41 the church of Corinthians 41 says there is one

Glory of the sun another glory of the moon and another glory of the stars for one star defense from another star in glory hallelujah for one star differs from another star in glory somebody will say what is a star a star represents your glory

A star represents your glory a star represents your future and a star speaks about your prophecy hallelujah what is prophecy prophecy is the mind of god concerning a nation a people a person amen so somebody can look at your star somebody like an astrologer a sorcerer

A magician can look at your star and they will be able to predict the destiny god has sent you into this life which is prophecy through a force which is prophecy prophecy talks about the past the present and the future word of knowledge

Word of wisdom and the cement of spirit hallelujah amen so a star represents your glory when your star is deemed it means your glory is full of darkness amen a star speaks of your glory and the bible says in first corinthians chapter 15 verse 41 that each star differs in glory from another amen the

Son on its own has its own glory the moon on its own has its own glory and the other day i was telling you how some religions serve the god of the sun the bible says and joseph had a dream and 11 stars were bowing to him and the stars represented him and his brothers and the moon and the sun represented him

His father and his mother in the book of isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 the bible says the devil or lucifer was referred to as the morning star lucifer was referred to as the morning star and that is why he carried so much glory that provoked arrogance and pride because a star was as bright as the morning

Star in revelation chapter 22 verse 16 jesus was also referred to as the morning star revelation 22 verse 16 jesus was referred to as the morning star i jesus have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches i am the root and the offspring of david the bride and the morning star the bride

And the morning star so you realize that between lucifer and jesus who were both created by god each one of them had their own separate stars lucifer isaiah 14 verse 12 was referred to as a monster revelation 22 verse 16 yeshua the resurrected son of the most high god is referred to as the morning star so

Lucifer is a monster jesus is a morning star and that is the reason why if you are not careful and you venture into spiritualism or spiritual practicing spirituality you can receive a visitation from lucifer and it will look like a visitation from christ why do you think there is a name called antichrist they are similar they are almost the

Same because their source is one they were both created by god the son of god and the devil so the devil can appear to you as the son of light because he’s light and majority of the time the picture we see in most magazines and books or on on tv movies devil is looking so horrible with horns and very black like the african man

It’s not what the devil looks like it’s not what lucifer looks like the guy looks like a morning bright shining star you’ve never seen a demon that appears like light before i have seen so many in my time with god amen in my work with god in my work with god i have seen so many and when they come and you are not grounded and god is truly not with you and you you you have panic and fear and

You are not able to question them then you begin to bow and worship them thinking you are worshiping the most high god not knowing that you are worshipping the devil amen am i communicating amen so the devil has a star jesus has a star in genesis chapter 15 verse 5 the bible said when hegar gave back to ishmael and they began mocking isaac and sarah

And sarah got angry and upset and confronted the husband to send the one woman and her child away the bible said abraham became disturbed how can i send my son away and god spoke as though ishmael was not the legitimate son of abraham amen he said i will give you another child and that one will be your child that one is truly your child and that is the child i’m going to establish a

Covenant with amen and so god said abraham come out of your tent and abraham came out of his tent and the spirit of god said look into the sky and he looked into the sky what do you see i see stars shout stars say now the stars stars he said our sisters and god said begin to counter them if you can number the stars in the heavens if you can number the stars in the sky then you can number your descendants you are looking at ishmael

Being sent away and you are thinking of your heritage you are thinking of your posterity you are thinking of your descendants how am i going to have descendants and god said all these thoughts you are seeing they represent human beings all these tasks are seen they represent your children they represent your descendants if you can count them then you can count your descendants i for your prayer for you yes

Now wherever your stars are yes that are signing in the wrong places made them manifest in the physical amen your style of salvation is your style of divine health your style of joy and prosperity your style of divine healing yes your style of divine speed your style of divine protection i fire prayer for you may they not remain in the spirit realm may not remain only in the heavens they

Do not remain only in the depths of the sea let them manifest by fire made them manifest by fire made them manifest by fire abraham was not aware that the stance he was looking at there is a young man by the name of reuben who will be his firstborn abraham did not know that there is a young man by the name of levy yes and it is through that levy his descendant of war the government of priesthood we shall be

Attached and connected to the priesthood of heaven in the order of melchizedek abraham did not know that there is a son called joseph he was looking at majority of you you see yourself traveling overseas yes that is your star and you see yourself meeting the president yes that is your style you see yourself driving a better car that is your style you see yourself having a marriage ceremony that is your style but unfortunately for you they have remained

Only in the spirit realm by the end of this service yes whoever is hearing the sound of my voice whose star must manifest in the physical yes i give it to you by fire i give it to you by fire i give it to you by fire sometimes you can have a dream and the dream is indicating a very positive sign a very good sign

But unfortunately that dream will never manifest until you die do i have a witness in the house amen that dream will never manifest until the year comes to an end why is it so it is so because whatever is in the spirit it is not automatic that it has to come down amen you have to pull it amen you have to pull it amen i said you have to pull it amen probably when the three angels

Who visited abraham they did not even visit abraham they were passing by if abraham had not invited them the prophecy and the stars god spoke to him about they would have remained in the heavens amen they would have never manifested for sarah to receive that prophecy that according to the time of life yes a year by this time yes you will carry a son and you name him laughter

I fire prayer yes if you had dreamed that you are meeting the president majority of the time it is not a sign that you are going to meet the president it is a sign that your greatness is of the highest order amen that in your nation your name has to be a household name everybody has to know your name probably the destiny of greatness upon you has been shifted to somebody and

Somebody is using your start to sign but as i pray for you today whoever is using your status may shall overrestore you may jehovah restore you may jehovah restore you come and lift your voice and stop fire my god and my father yes we have enemies of destiny amen i call them enemies of progress and their

Focus and their purpose is to look for your star amen is to search your style is to look at who you are supposed to become in life and sometimes unfortunately for some of us because we are not so spiritual we don’t know who we are but the people who are our enemies rather know who we are and who we are going to become

Like in the case of jacob and issa jacob knew what it meant to have a bed right as a firstborn son but the one who was carrying the bedride did not understand did not know the weight of the bed right he was carrying it and therefore he answered and said what is the bet right to me what i am interested in is this red steel give me the steel let me eat and hit the

Bed right so majority of the time people fight you and you wonder why they are fighting you they know something you don’t know amen and what they know is that your style is very bright amen your style of marriage is very great amen your style of prophecy is very great amen your star in ministry is very great amen sometimes you don’t even see what is in you the bible said when abraham gave melchizedek inside he did not know that he was fighting for what was in his

Wrongs it was there and he was tithing for them his great great great great descendants the enemy does not fight people [Music] who do not carry anything when the devil is fighting you you should understand that there is something precious you carry i wonder to say a missionary who has

Traveled thousands of miles all the way from west africa to central africa this big lusaka this big zambia if you are a pastor who have left and you want to start your own ministry do you need to come to me who is a foreigner the people i have gathered to start stealing them media drama key bodies everybody you are interested in them and sometimes you look at the drama and say you can’t even

Stop coming to church i don’t care not knowing that there is somebody who has seen something precious in the person god has connected to you but you wisdom you don’t value it and you don’t see it [Music] hallelujah in a compound house there is a woman who had a fight with her husband and she went inside the room and started

Throwing the husband’s clothes one outside one by one as she was throwing the husband’s clothes outside one by one the neighbor came out and was just waiting finally when the last clothes and the last shoe was thrown out she quickly went and gathered them and got hold of the man and said come enter into my room one man’s poison is another man’s mate one man’s poison is another man’s myth

You should know what to carry amen i said you should know what you carry amen you are a king in the making amen you are a queen in the making amen you are a president in the making amen probably in your own time yes you may not see yourself in state house as a president but in that loss yes in that laws there is a grace of presidency and that is why scripture said despite not the days of small

Beginning even though your beginning is small yes your latter ends are greatly increased hallelujah amen if you know the beginning is small your latter ends are greatly increased so don’t look at your now and conclude on yourself that god did not send you well god did not created you well and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time

The bible said in his time he will make all things beautiful somebody lift up your hand and shout i swallowed ice man in his time he will make all things beautiful beautiful so wait for the timings of god possessing yourself spiritually emotionally mentally strategically position yourself for that special timings of god

Hallelujah family i say hallelujah amen types of enemies number one we are star jesus star in matthew chapter 2 verse 1 the bible said the magi or the maggie or the wise men they were people who gets into the sky they look into the clouds and they look for stars and when they

Look for the stars they are able to predict who is going to be the next president of zambia who is going to be the next vice president of zambia how the economy of zambia is going to be they are star gazers they look into the sky and they gaze into the sky hallelujah

They are called astrologers anyone who is a star gazer that is guessing your style and they have a demonic spirit may the blood of jesus blind them i didn’t hear your amen i said i didn’t hear your amen amen may the blood of jesus blind them amen may the blood of jesus blind them amen number two we have star monitors

We are star monitors matthew chapter 2 verse 3 to 5 verse 3 to 5 says when herod the king heard this he was troubled and all jerusalem with him matu bricka to satire when herod the king had this he was troubled in the whole city of jerusalem with him because one person’s style has been revealed to them

What is the style of an individual to a whole city why does he trouble the whole city that one person has been born with grace and with muslim amen your children you have given back to as innocent as they are and innocent as they may be whatever star god created for them yes when you pray cover them with the blood of jesus amen cover the stars of your children with

The blood of yeshua amen because they are people who have graduated from gazing at stars and they have become monitors of stars and they monitor the progress of their academics they monitor the progress of their knowledge they monitor the progress of their health only you and your family when kalila breaks out in the city he catches you when mises breaks out in the city he

Catches your children when coffee breaks out in the city it catches your children there is somebody who is constantly following and monitoring majority of us who are seated here we don’t even know the way to our village we were one from our childhood that in africa tradition when you expose your children to your village there are people who are monitored of stars they will kill your children and like me

Our parents hid us from our tradition from our culture from our families in the village from our relatives in the village for fear that these people have spiritual eyes per adventure if we expose you to them and they look at you as young as you are they are able to tell your future and they will kill you do i have a witness in the house amen and what they will kill you

My son dexter who is not here in church today the father was a church and you see that the father is late [Music] he said when i was young my father stopped us from going to the village why he told me when i was teaching issues of the blood is that because my father said if he takes us to the village the village people will kill why will your own relative kill you that is the question

But to tell you the truth that is the reality we are in amen because this world is full of evil amen they are people who monitor your stars you are pregnant they see you they wrap their hands on you oh what a beautiful pregnancy ah this one i will marry this one the child will be born with spiritual marriage just like that just like that some of the people when you come out of your room and you see them you have to

Turn back and lock yourself in your room again because you know what they carry amen there are people the moment they carry their fiance to go and show them to their parents mommy daddy this is my boyfriend he wants to marry me that is the beginning of the end because somebody who has a monitoring spirit has seen that this marriage will bring glory to god

And they come in with confusion and they separate you asunder sometimes it is not fear it is wisdom to hide certain blessings that god has begun giving to you let it mature let it grow to a certain stage you wonder why jesus at that tender age the whole city was angry because somebody who monitors us has

Told them about his future the next king of the jews the true king of the jews the original king of the jews which was prophesied by moses by jacob by isaac by elijah by elijah now on the season and the time has come for him to manifest and the whole city was angry my prayer for you today yes whoever has come

Into contact with your star yes and the star of your children yes and they are angry yes mr hobart disappointed them may my father disappoint them in the name of jesus in the name of jesus it is written that the expectations of the righteous yes shall never be cut off yes whatever is your expectation yes for your young baby girl yes for your young baby boy yes your brother for your sister yes for your husband or for your

Wife may that expectation not be cut name of jesus in the name of jesus lift your voice and shut fire fire number three from jesus from monitors we have star hunters we have star hunters they hunt for stars that is the assignment they just hunt for stars

You are walking in the street you meet a stranger from nowhere and they’re asking you for money you give them money they use the money against you you are staying in a compound house a component is a flat where they have different families and they come and they ask you for unnecessary things that doesn’t make sense can you give me one question can you give me two questions can you give me five questions

Unnecessary all in the name of getting something from your hand as for this you said i love it so much if this yourself get missing you should know that it is me that stole it and for real you will look for the set you will not find it not that physically they’ve stolen it spiritually they have hunted your star and they have stolen it amen whoever is hunting your staff yes my prayer this morning is that may the

Blood of jesus blind them amen may the blood of jesus blind there one may the blood of jesus blind sometimes certain people follow you without you know knowing they are following you there are some relatives you don’t even know exist but they know you exist amen they follow you on social media and that is why social media it is good but it has also come with its own problems amen

Every day when i pray i pray for whoever has downloaded my picture you should pray i went to a certain country and i met a lady in the mall i met a lady in the mall and i don’t know whether that lady had a crush on me or not he said i received a picture from a friend of mine in america of you and your wife i said it’s a lie

What is the name of that your friend that friend doesn’t exist in my friend list that lady herself is not even on social media she brought her out her phone and she brought out a picture of my wife holding my emanuela in church when we were doing child dedication the picture of child dedication was on her phone and i’m asking myself is it because you want to occupy the position of my wife

Or you carry another spirit that wants to destroy my marriage star hunters they will hunt your staff without you knowing they are hunting your staff amen every hunter hunts with a weapon and usually hunters they hunt at night le cadou basilia and they go and sit somewhere quietly when the atmosphere is calm and quiet and the animals are realized that fools

Human beings are sleeping and they come out that is when the hunter will draw out his gun anyone who is hunting you i release paralysis on them anyone who is hunting your children and release paralysis on them wrong anyone hunting you on social media i release paralysis on them in the name of jesus every member of this commission when you give birth

Fight the temptation of posting your your babies your children on social media star hunters they are there hunting your children hallelujah my son mutual is not on social media my son b john is also not on social media and they are strong men physically able men physically with master’s degree with melania anointing but they are not

On social media and they give them more peace than you and i who are always gallabantin showing every shoe every set everything like every boxes and the moment the guy proposes the whole world should know you have entered into an engagement relationship and that becomes the beginning of the because star hunters are there amen they’re hunting your staff they see your star at this time it’s a bright and

Shiny star amen number four i call them star killers john chapter 10 verse 10 for the devil coming up but to steal to kill and to destroy shout no mercy no mercy the devil has no court called the court of appeal the moment you enter into the court of the devil his mission is to sentence you to death there is no appeal no mercy

Hallelujah amen family i say hallelujah amen and the bible said the angels of the lord came and revealed themselves to the magi or the monkey or the wise men and said when you find the king of the jews do not go back to herod because herod has intended to kill yeshua amen and the angel of the lord at night also went to joseph and said very early carry

The baby before the sun the moon disappears so joseph carried yourself carry jesus at night and they ran away to egypt they ran away to egypt there are people i know from where i’m coming from when they are going to the village they pack their car in the next town at the field station at a shopping complex and they join

Almost broken bars and they change their clothes and they work clothes like a mechanic looking very dirty and they go to their village to do what they need to do because when they show themselves trouble amen why africa is not developing is because of this turkeyness some of us will only go to our own village where our grandparents are

Buried only when there is burial because if you make a mistake to say i am going to the village i want to go and build a family home that is your handle you might as well go with your own coffin [Music] they will go like so me old man i have remained in the village you small boy you small girl when were you born only yesterday you are the one

To come and embarrass us and overshadow us that you have money to build a house we have never built we see and that is the end so we resist the temptation of going to the village the other day i was telling my son prophet a prophecy big john that never make that mistake of going to building your village and you show yourself if you want to build give the money to your father to build on your behalf because they will kill you

And it is not a lie [Music] hallelujah amen it is not a lie there is there is a family there is a family also in the compound house like that starkillers [Music] matthew chapter 2 verse 13

To 50. [Music] matthew chapter 2 verse 13 to 15. run with me quickly run with me quickly [Music] matthew chapter 2 [Music] verse 13 to 15. am i able to read for me [Music] in a dream

Saying arise take the young child and his mother flee to egypt and stay there until i bring you word for herod will seek the young child to destroy him to do what destroy him to do what destroy him to destroy him and that is why you should check who is the best friend of your children who are their parents which church do they go to and that is why you should also check

The spiritual background of the guy who you are proposing to or you are receiving proposal from or the young lady you are proposing to you don’t just meet a woman and you say she’s everything i’ve ever wanted what about her background what about her father her mother because sometimes you marry the woman that has the kind of figure and shape you want but you marry into a family of witchcraft

You marry into the family of herod herod and the purpose of herod is to hunt and kill the star of the son of god of yeshua i pray for you today as long as they live under your roof you have every authority to decide who become their bestie who becomes your friend any of your children’s friends yes any

Of your children’s connections that are demonic yes that will kill their star that will destroy their destiny yes as my hands are lifted yes i release confusion amen and i separated them by fire amen i separated them by fire i separated them by fire holy ghost whoever is a friend to your husband yes whoever is a best friend to your wife as long as you are ungodly

And they are secretly desiring the life of your husband yes and you may desire the life of your husband there is every probability that they can kill him for what they have i saw your prayer today yes may say hopefully defend your own amen defend your and own the enemy by fire holy ghost star killers are dangerous

They don’t only monitor but they kill hallelujah amen they kill you they look at you they say this anointing i desire this anointing all i want is for him to have sex with me why do you desire the anointing that the anointing you are do you not know that the body is the temple of god if you desire the anointing then you should do everything in your power to protect the oil amen

Allah amen protect the oil don’t defile the temple of god if you are here fire fire a woman just gave birth got home and was visited by two of her neighbors and i said oh thank god you are here because you are here let me quickly rise to the bathroom and take a shower and she went in the bathroom she heard noises that these people were quarreling and

Throwing words at each other so she quickly ran out of the bathroom half big half bath right quickly ran out of bathroom and kept saying what is the problem with my innocent baby and listening and the other one said can you imagine this foolish woman what has she done that she is foolish can you imagine that when we came we saw this that was born with the child was born with seven stars

And selfishly she took five and gave me only two it would not have paid me if she took at least four and gave me three but she’s so selfish she took five and gave me two and a woman couldn’t believe what she was hearing he said what did you say again that my my child was born with what seven stars and who took he said she took the star we were

Supposed to share the star as your neighbors so we use the glory of the child for our own that is witchcraft right then the woman quickly left them went to the door and locked the door he said today it is either landlord or tenant one [Music] if you are not careful and you come into contact with a spiritual guru yes

Who knows how to manipulate and destroy they can easily destroy yourself and i quite remember this story i’ve never told my wife before when i was young my father had a friend and when i started growing up and i started ministry preaching in buses and marketplaces and hospitals the grace was already there and i was able to see things here and there and my father took me to this his friend

When we got to the friend the friend brought a lot of books out and he said this book is the book of angels this book is a book of this this book is a book of dust i have heard you are a pastor and i’ve heard you have this sight that you’re able to see things i want to help you to grow so we made an appointment for my father to bring me on another day for him to take me through all this spiritual

Process for me to grow when i went home the spirit of god visited me vividly and i am not missing words he said don’t go back to that man why because when you go the man will take your star and your glory and replace it with his own which is dead and full of darkness and he will use your star and your glory to sign i could not believe what i had with my ears

Till today my father died without knowing the reason why i couldn’t follow him again i told only my mom and my father could not understand this man will pick phone call and call my father from morning till evening bring your son bring your son bring your son and my father will say coffee let’s go i say like lie i cannot go i respect you my father but i cannot go

But i couldn’t tell him the secret for fear that when i tell my father because i know my father the moment i tell him he will pick phone and tell the man and if the man is strong he doesn’t need to look for me physically he will look for me not today today i can tell him to his face amen but today we have also matured

Spiritually amen hallelujah amen may you not find starkillers in your journey amen may you not find starkillers in your church in the name of jesus in the name of jesus the bible sent them potiphar’s wife so say bacho ah young joseph he looked at his shoulders looked at his bro chest looked at the six-pack because the guy was a

Hard-working guy so obviously he has his back embroidered same chest he looked at him he said beyond the physical there is something you carry a different spirit you carry a different grace church take it from me every anointed singer dramatically attracts the opposite sex automatically you will attract the beautiful

The ugly the short the tall the lobo and the single engine all manner of shape and sizes you will attract them [Music] it comes with a calling it comes with a calling am i talking to somebody it comes with a calling and majority of the time when you attract them you have to wait there

You have to what you have to wear them not every thought that is open is an open door for you some opinions will take you to the highway of hell [Music] you have to wait them and assess them when you assess them then you decide who comes closer to you and who you love from a distance am i communicating and who you love from what

You are not you are not here today you are listening amen then god bless you mama you have to wear them who comes closer to you amen as you are giving testimony in church somebody is sitting there what they want from you is not your money what they want from you is the favor on your hands so

You cannot imagine if you are then you have not yet been tempted but if you are anointed you know what it means to be tempted i cannot begin to go into it today hallelujah amen the bible said empathy first wife grew demonic last for joseph because of the style of joseph the bible said and the house of potiphar was so blessed that the man handed everything in the

Hands of the young slave boy what is the business of madame with the slave board and the bible said joseph ran away and left his comments because the star he carried he did not he was not only told he saw it in his dream he said papa in my dream there were sheeps and there were stars and all the stars were bowing to my sheep and my star and even you my father and my mother who is the moon and the sun you

Were bowing to my little star and the father said do you mean i your father who has seen god and a ladder from my head to the throne room of heaven and god was seated on the door [Music] amen to protect what you carry amen sometimes the people you are interested in and you want to have sex with it is not you having sex with them to gratify the flesh it is them having sex with you because

What is in you is more precious so they are benefiting more than you are benefiting am i communicating to you change amen the glory the star the moment you get into contact with them they draw something they throw a blessing they draw an energy from you into them they benefit more than you benefit say i have a choice i have a choice you have a choice to decide

Who must who you allow to come closer to your inner circle to your children some of the young men when your children come and introduce you to them some of the young women when your sons come and introduce you to them initially you have to be very rough and tough assess them spiritually secretly go and see a seer go and see it as your spiritual father a prophet let him take them to his altar in prayer

And see where they are coming from children will end up marrying the son of a witchy doctor who has not repented the daughter of a witch doctor who has not repented you end up marrying a muslim and you didn’t know she was a muslim you come back from where and they have a hunger you have to be a muslim thing they used to pray on the door and you go like oh you didn’t know

May god help us church amen i said may god help us judge amen what can the enemy do to your star what can the enemy do to your star when the enemy gets to you and he cannot kill your staff he can puncture your star he can puncture your style imagine a third that is deflated and punctured imagine how the car will be moving the car will be moving like a desk right

Cultural culture some of what that is how our life is there is no joy there is no peace there is no celebration our life is like a car that is moving with a deflated time you cannot move with the speedometer of the car god forbid if you fall into a pothole is even worse i fire prayer for you yes that if your star is deflated and punctured

May jehovah restore you by fire amen in the name of jesus number two the enemy is interested in stealing your star stealing your star so stars can be stolen stars can be stolen star represent your glory star represent your prophecy star represent your future your blessing hallelujah so if your star is stolen it means your destiny your glory your prophecy what

You are supposed to become is stolen and the bible says in the book of genesis that jacob stole the blessing of esau and lisa said this is the third time you have stolen my blessing this is the second time you have stolen my blessing and i will surely kill you and the bible says joseph run jacob run away for his life with the stolen destiny of his senior brother he saw amen may your destiny not be stolen amen may your

Blessing not be stolen amen that one is very simple and very small for the enemy to do if they practice witchcraft they can easily come spiritually and sometimes you will be privileged to see it in a dream that somebody has taken your set somebody has taken your shoe if you’re a student the pen with which you are writing somebody just entered into the

Class and took it there’s a man of god in assemblies of god i invited me he said when you are preaching in my church don’t rebuke which is a wizard that is nothing like witches and wizards die by fire die by fire don’t pray that kind of prayer he might say i sat in his office and looked into his eyes with so much anger and regret why are you being honored the invitation to come and preach

In his church and i said man of god this is what god is showing me i saw a mad person enter into the church when you were preaching the man person slapped you took your bible and went away as i am talking today a surplus of god has fired him not as a police officer but as a pastor they removed the

Priesthood coming they fired him the other day some of the church members located me on facebook and they sent me pictures without me asking they said they gathered themselves to go and visit their former pastor in the village even water to back is a problem he said they said their wife has left him the children have followed the mother and one of his sons who also went to assemblies of god church a bible school

And became a pastor under his father and the pastor was preparing to leave the church for his son when he goes for his retirement when they fire the father they fire the son also to go and prove himself somewhere the son is calling me my father my father my father my father i said how many members do you have now he said i only have 27 members from since when i left

Ghana up until now 27 people is that from that time my father was fired up until now i don’t report to the headquarters and they don’t also pay me i survive by myself my calling is just be between me and my god and when you go deep down into which a madman in the realm of the spirit has come to slap a guy in the altar and has taken his bible away

Some of you you are shaking your head but in the realm of the spirit that dream you had that you were being pursued do you know the end of the dream there was a demon half is half a human who also slapped you and took your matrimonial ring to the standard some of you your matrimonial ring you did not throw it away he got missing you today you don’t know where it is they have stolen your

Marriage you wake up in the morning nothing provokes you you look at your husband and your husband look like a gorizer a gorilla you get so angry and so upset with your husband for no the star has been stolen star of marriage has been stolen if you are here and your marital ring has been stolen or it is missing if it is missing it

Means it has been stolen i fire prayer for you how can your your khaki get missing it doesn’t how can you move the car this is what you represent between you god and your spouse that you have entered into a covenant how can it be how can the marriage move forward whatever it is may the angels of god locate it amen and

May they bring it back to you amen the louder you’re aiming to quicker your answer right amen may not give it back to you by fire some women are very beautiful very well-mannered but just as urine has deluded the chicken so has marriage deluded them and it is not because that is the style god gave to them never to find solace

In marriage but rather because their enemies saw that this marriage will bring testimony it will bring glory to god and the younger ones in the family will look at you as a star they will want to be like and they stole the star of marriage as my hands are lifted yes may your star in marriage be restored amen may your star in business be restored may your star [Music]

In the name of jesus amen in the name of jesus in the name of jesus amen it is written whatsoever yes my heavenly father has not planted he shall be uprooted whatever the enemy has stolen confusion yes disappointment yes rejection yes i have rooted by fire i am rooted by fire in the mighty name of jesus in the mighty name of jesus

Number three stars can be exchanged stars can be exchanged and i’ve seen it so many times there’s a young woman who who had a dream she was about to get married she had a dream no she wasn’t about to get married it was the elder sister who was about to get married and in the dream the other sister dreamed that there was a wedding garment

On the wall in their sitting room and a certain strange man appeared and said woman this your children decide who you give this wedding government to and it was a younger sister who was ready for marriage of age to marry but she couldn’t get married but the last one child who was still a

Teenager and who was the favorite of the mother the mother took the wedding garment and gave it to the young one and this young lady came to me as a man of god this is the dream i had automatically i understood the dream but i could not interpret the dream to her that your mother has sustained your marriage to her favorite in the family that young girl got married that year that lady could not get married until 2006

About about seven years later when she found out that i was in south africa doing ministry she connected to me and i gave her certain directions to break the case to break the spell amen she got married and expected i tell you a marriage ceremony was prepared within one month she got married and respected on the 26th of december

She got married on the 26th of december it was like a birthday party but it was a wedding day god restored it so your destiny can be exchanged and given to somebody else your star can be exchanged and given to somebody else and that is why i church if you’re a parent here or a parent to be in future do not have favorites it is demonic

Among your children it is highly highly highly demonic to the point that you call one of your children and say you are my favorite child and the other one will be hiding by the door and who here oh she is your favorite child he is your favorite child so me i am not loved let me give my love to this boy this boy say he loves me and for me to

Prove that i also love him back to reward him for the love he’s shown me which that mommy has not shown me the guy is a weird smoker let me smoke with him the guy is an armed robber the guy is a kidnapper the guy is a satanist let me also do what he’s doing to prove my loyalty to him because he is giving me what daddy has not given me [Music] are you following amen

Don’t show favoritism among your children if you don’t want your children they are government institution and private institution their doors and their arms are open to love children of all races go and give them don’t keep your children and make them feel unloved and belittled this is my favorite this one is too stubborn this one is too naughty this one is too disrespectful no

You don’t do that it will create enmity and confusion amen you will die in the grave you look back into life and you realize that your children are not together they hate each other they fight each other especially when they come to the men they always prefer a boy who looks like them when they go to the barber shop let’s go when they go to the mall let’s go and

The girl is always remaining behind so now or later there will be another boy by the age of 12 who invite your daughter let’s go to the cinema let’s go to the mall and the laugh that he has not given her somebody is available to give her and it will become a problem love them equally hallelujah amen love them equally when you pray pray for them equally pray for your children equally you are not abraham that must chase your

Firstborn ishmael away love your children equally amen and i think with the issues of blood i took my time to teach about family a little bit so when you buy a gift for your child your children buy the same gift for all all of them don’t say you dismantle this is your own even if it is little share that money among them

Let them all feel loved say fire number four stars can be buried stars can be buried and the most commonest place which is very people stars who can tell me in this church no no cemetery jump here club for yourself mama evenly entice him if he is from which is here going to the

Cemetery it is spiritualist that that knows how to invoke spirits that go to the cemetery not every spiritualist has boldness to go to the cemetery good but as for the dumb hill when you go there that is where they all play that is where they all play if you want to try it usually go to the village or go to a remote a remote place where there is a heap of dump

And be looking 12 midnight 1 am 2 am you will see a bright fire a bright light shining like that it is it is the pharisees they have got it now why they usually like dump here is because the dump hill become their market place it becomes their mall they become their place of business because on the damp hill you find all parts of the human being

La brasica to satire on the damn hill you find the umbilical cord of a woman who has just given birth and they cut the umbilical cord a woman who has just done an abortion and the fetal whatever whatever they call it you find it there you find the fingernail of a person who has beaten the nail or scattered with a nail cutter you find it there the baba when he cuts your hair

Whether male or female white or black they go and they throw it on the damn hill so when they go to their spiritual meeting and they are looking for human parts to do their spiritual enchantment as point of contact it is easy for them to find it there even the ghost even the ghost when you want to invoke them those who are in the necromancy they go to the dumb hill

Quickly they will appear now hallelujah so stars sometimes can be buried on a dumping now imagine a dumb hill where people throw apart part of a woman who has just finished menstruating part of a baby who has just messed up they throw it there and they carry your star and they bury it there will you amount to anything in this life your destiny is distorted

People see you and they say he’s so educated he’s so well-mannered he’s so well spoken but there is nothing to show for because your style has been buried and a perfect example is somebody who has master’s degree but has nothing to show for somebody who is a professor highest level of education and when you go to the park station he’s fighting with people in a queue to enter into a kombi a bus

There is nothing to show for i fire prayer yes if your destiny is your blessing receive your glory yes if your prophecy is simply yours has been buried yes you see the cemetery you see the depths of the scene he has made the act angels of god yes remove it and give it to you remove it and give it to you remove it and give it to you remove it and give it to you

In the mighty name of yeshua your children will not suffer yes this misfortune amen of which hand that their destiny should be buried amen be healed amen in a cemetery yes your destinies will be buried in the forest your destiny should be buried in the marine kingdoms your children shall escape that attack my children shall escape that attack in the name of yeshua amen hallelujah

Hallelujah let me run quickly number five stars can be manipulated stars can be manipulated they manipulate your star instead of becoming a doctor you end up becoming a mechanic it is equally great but that is not what you were born to do they manipulate it the other day i found more ubuntu on facebook asking if you had followed your childhood dream what would that be your profession

And 99 of all the people that commented their childhood dream was not fulfilled they end up doing something else most of times it is good majority of the time it is not good because that child would dream probably it’s your style it was supposed to fulfill and if you had fulfilled it even if it is in shima you are selling by the roadside you would have found so much peace so much joy so much wealth so

Much prosperity than being in a bank as a banker am i communicating amen may no one manipulate your staff amen do you become what god says you will be amen number six stars can be quenched when they quench it is that shark stop signing when they quench it they stop shining and that is where you know that you are coming near to the grave even when no one kills you you yourself

You get fed up with life and you put neck rope on your neck or you drink right medicine and you kill yourself because they have already deemed your life the bible says in the book of isaiah 60 verse 1 rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the lord has risen upon you you are meant to shine a light upon a hill

Cannot be hidden a light upon a hill cannot be hidden you are the light of the world so when the coin sits they quench it the light in you dims you become tired of life you say ah i don’t want lusaka anymore i don’t want zambia anymore i don’t want this marriage anymore i break it in jesus name i break it in jesus name

I break it in jesus name i break it in jesus name lift up your hand and shout the loudness amen your light shall not be deemed your star shall not be quenched god number seven stars can be caged stars can be caged when they cage your star it means there is nothing you do in this life that will prosper because spiritually they have held you

In a cage when they decide for you to eat that’s when you eat when they decide for you to have liberty to take a shower that’s when you have a shower and in the realm of the spirit some of that is our life you are you are you have no freedom you have no liberty you sleep in the morning and you have rested you need to wake up with rejuvenated energy rejuvenated joy rejuvenated

Electrified spirit but you wake up in the morning one side of your body is in pain one side of your head is in pain one eye is in pain one ear is in pain one jaw is dislocated as though you were fighting with my tyson in the dream when you were resting you wake up in the morning with all manner of problems sometimes in the middle of the night you wake up with a stomach ache

At that hour you open your gate you don’t even mind if these actives are waiting at the gate all you need is a doctor if they will come and steal they should steal you wake up with a severe pain at that hour and the most painful part is when your car is broken down and in the middle of the night your wife your son your husband your daughter has to go to the hospital not fire nation amen i’ll say not for your nation

God forbid amen hallelujah god forbid god forbid god forbid at that dangerous hour you are going to look for a daughter and then when you get to the hospital some of these demonic possessed nurses and doctors you have disturbed their sleep so they meet you with a frown face as though you are disturbing them but you are in pain and you need help may jehovah

Help us amen that your destiny will not be caged amen listen when your destiny is caged you and money you become enemies you’ll not see eye to eye you know when you have an enemy a sworn enemy you meet the enemy at the mall you pass your deposit that is how some of us because of the spiritual cage our star is in we and money are enemies

You date a guy when the guy is ready to now come and pay lobola a week later he meets another girl a month later you see they are wedding pictures on social media and you are the one who updated him i prayed for him your destiny is caged i fire prayer for you yes

Your star has escaped from today amen your style has escaped from today your star has escaped from today amen the bible says wise paul and silas were caged they began singing praises to god and the bible said the power of god came down and there was a spiritual earthquake that tore the doors of the prison open and my prayer for you today is that spiritually there will be an earthquake amen in the realm of the

Spirit wherever you have been locked up yes wherever you are [Music] which is very common stars can be bewitched by the enemy they be with your star they be with your star and that is when the light candles around them especially those who are in business like big john the light candles around them

And they sit in the middle or they go and see a spiritualist and they get your picture and they put your picture in the middle of the circle of the candle and incense and they say i want you to separate this girl and this boy this boy i love him he must marry me by force i used to have such people a lot of them and they come by recommendation from

Some of you there is this pastor the person likes me but there is this other girl that he likes also i want you to separate them show me the picture of the pastor and when i look at the picture of the pastor i tell myself you don’t deserve this one so i can’t do this if he loves you there is nothing in this head that can separate the two of you amen

Hallelujah amen they carry your picture and they be with you they be with you they recite incantations recite incantations me i am used to this listing of uh people reciting incantations the number of people that have buried my picture including pastors and churches initially when the spirit of god told me one way in urban deal i did not believe it

I did not believe it but now i more than believe it [Music] don’t sit there and assume that you don’t have enemies oh the people who are really fighting you you have not even met them one-on-one [Music] the people who are even fighting you listen a man that is a threat to you will not come and tell you i want to kill you

If the moment they tell you i want to kill you they are no more threat to you because now you know who is your enemy but the one who is a threat is the one you don’t know that is attract that is the most dangerous person hallelujah amen that is the most dangerous person i have had witch doctors after preaching on tv after preaching on radio they call me and when they call me they want to come

And meet you one on one one one of them even said i have bought a cow and i want you to come and collect the cow your preaching touched my heart so much and the holy spirit said you are talking to a witchy doctor cutting the line cut the line you are speaking to a witch writer they want to test if indeed you are a prophet that can see very far they bewitch your star they bewitch your destiny and you don’t know what is happening all of a sudden cnn has given

You an appointment letter and you tell people in the family in the village you are going to america cnn has called you the day you are supposed to fly is the day your relatives gather together to go and bury you because of bewitchment there is a young man i prayed for who got visa to travel to uk the guy doesn’t even know how to speak english he got to the he got to the airport and they looked at his picture in his

Passport and the picture was a picture of a woman he gets the picture he looks at the picture it is him in the picture but the immigration looking at the picture and looking at a woman in the picture and he comes back to church he said man of god after i received the visa i called you and i told you i said yes you did when i finished i traveled to the village and i went to say bid

Farewell to my relative that i’m going to london i said you caused your own problem they’ll be with you hallelujah amen they will be with you there is one young guy i grew up with he was a psalmist very powerful singer when this guy holds the microphone to sing i tell you judge you cannot sit down his own is different even if you don’t want to dance the

Moves he will make on the altar hello will make you rise and dance with him but as bright as the star wars and he got married to this lady who had gone to china and had brought herbal medicine from china and they are giving him some machines also to detect where the sickness is so when they detect where the sickness is they sell the hepa medicine from china to you so the girl

Was a millionaire who married this young guy in church we were growing up together but this guy star was brighter than all of us churches were inviting him here and there because of his administration powerful and on top of it he had been graced and favored to marry a young millionaire girl who is so business minded things were going well by the time we

Hear these guys said i bought plots in one of the richest places in in accra i’ve traveled to dubai i’ve done this and i go back to you i said god have you forgotten me the mistake he made was that every month he will go back to the village and when he gets to the entrance of the of the village he will switch on the headlights and then he will step on the like a wedding procession that is coming

To town and people will come out of their houses and they will come and stand in front of their houses and fold their hands whose son is this that wants to die before his time it was on a good saturday morning the youth of the church gathered to go and play soccer as they were playing soccer he felt dead no one killed him

He wasn’t even running he was standing by himself he fell dead the young lady has become a widow everybody is afraid to go closer to her why because of the bewitchment amen my hands are lifted to church as a son and i said daughter of this commission yes no demonic arrow will locate you amen whoever that wants to be with you yes i reference it back to them amen i reverse it but today for no weapon form against you shall

Prosper amen and everything that rises against you yes judgment you shall condemn i join my faith to your faith and we enter into the court of judgment and we condemn the devorah and we condemn witches and wizards and decree and declare from today any form of enchantment any form of definition yes any form of spiritual manipulation yes over your son

Over your daughter over your wife over your husband by your relatives may jehovah set against you for your sake for my sake for her saying for his sake yes god sent confusion yes among the children of babylon yes who gathered together yesterday [Music] and they are mentioning [Music] [Music]

Demonic altar yes and they slaughtered the head of a chicken and they poured the blood on the altar yes they slaughtered goat and cow and they mentioned all manner of ghosts all manner of dead people and they focus [Music] [Music] bewitchmen you have escaped by fire you have escaped it by fire

Bewitchment of migraine years that bewitchment of headache and acceptance of stomach acid [Music] [Music] in the kingdom of our ghost with anger in my voice yes i quickly and i declare yes i decree and i declare yes [Music] [Music] today amen say it with anger no bewitchment from

Today not which from today when they be with your staff even when you are the first born in the family you become the last born you become the last pawn because your star is under spiritual manipulation amen no more i said no more bewitchment amen family i said no more bewitchment amen your style will shine from today amen your star

Will shine from today amen and the last one which is number nine stars can be remote controlled amen stars can be removed control and that is when mistakenly somebody gives you charm in a food like a witch

Like a woman you are in love with like like a like a co-worker like your subordinate at work like your own worker you are the boss he’s a worker and there are certain places a young man who is married to a wife listens to the mother more than his wife even when he wants to make love to his wife and he’s tired and the wife is in the mood he will pick a phone and call the

Mother mommy i’m tired but my wife when the wife cook they will have to call the mother and say my wife’s food is not like your food then why didn’t you marry your mother in the first place if you wanted the food to be like your mother go and marry your mother [Music] remote control

They control it like that it happens even in the church people come and they buy one or two things for the chest and it becomes a remote and they decide which someone the pastor must preach pastor when you preach don’t be talking about this this fornication fornication it makes people not to come to church we are here to help you we want to help you

Build the church but don’t be talking about adultery and fornication by the time you realize the church has become a church of dogs everybody is sleeping with everybody in the church because they are remoting the pastor controlling him i don’t want to watch soccer i want to watch nigeria movie african magic controlling you left and right i pray that if you’re a man you reason with your wife but you don’t

Allow your wife to control you amen i didn’t hear your email amen there is someone that bought the plot for the church they went home the wife sat him down and said my husband i didn’t know i married the fool you did not think about the children’s future you give the plot to the church the next sunday the man came back he said it is me who promised to give the plot to the church but i’ve

Changed my mind my wife said my children needs it for their future majority of the men i have met that is how they are they are easily manipulated and when you go deep down into it you realize to say the woman has put in something in their foot they have lost it they have lost control come and see me praying over food

[Music] i don’t take chances or i don’t take services the bible say pray you know season pray without so i pray i pray when it is full time i pray and i teach my children when my children want to pray here we’re not close they pray long prayers it will cover everybody they’ll pray about

Coronavirus they’ll pray for tyson they’ll pray for chichi and i’ll be saying these children have my fire in them the prayer will cover everything mommy daddy grandma auntie uncle my nephew my niece in the uk in south africa pray without seizing season pray without season pray without season may no one manipulate you from today amen have your own mind

Even god doesn’t force us to serve him instead of putting before you life and death choose it therefore life and it shall be well you choose death and it shall not be well he gave you the choice to have your own mind reason with your wife but do not let your wife control you hallelujah some churches the mama of the church is a problem

Who control the past when you were preaching you were looking too much in this direction i suspect you and that woman [Music] it becomes a problem hallelujah amen young women cannot dress and look beautiful in the church because mama feels threatened and she puts the pressure on the man of god so every day the man of god has headache not because he’s

Under attack but because he’s a remote control too much pressure i thank god that i am not under pressure amen [Music] now type of stars we have type of stars we have i’m almost about to conclude we have the shooting stars we have the shooting stars now if you are born with a shooting star nobody

Will know your background nobody will know your beginning from nowhere you will overtake people amen because your star is a shooting star and some of you you have been at the backside of the kill for many many many many years you have been overlooked in terms of promotion in terms of invitation in terms of appointments in terms of good things coming to you you have been overlooked but god says today

If you are a shooting star get ready to take off amen i said get ready to take over amen in the name of jesus amen and i pray for every shooting star that is here that in the year 2022 yes for 2022 is too far yes from now to 2022. yes if there is anyone an angel of the lord is about to visit yes you will be the one the angel will visit amen if there is anyone yes that will receive presidential appointments

May you be the one to receive that appointment amen if there is anyone yes that must be the first to testify to get married yes to breakthrough yes among your mother’s children yes i am a shooting star do you know how when you shoot a bullet how it goes unexpectedly it goes out unstoppably it goes out that is how your breakthrough is going to come

If you shout at him and receive double unexpectedly people will not believe that it has happened but it will happen amen number two type of stars we have the twinkling stars we have the twinkling stars twinkle twinkle how i wonder like

Twinkle twinkle okay so twinkie drinking little star as the song says have seasons are you understanding they have their seasons they come up and they go down they come up and they go down and under this commission you don’t deserve to become a twinkle twinkle little star it is not that you are a shooting star

Or you are not because twinkle twinkle little star when you get breakthrough and the money finishes it will take another six months for another breakthrough to come like what my son was suffering twinkle twinkle little we pray for shooting stars same that cannot be stopped amen like a moving train amen in the name of jesus amen from today yes if you were born with a twinkie twinkle little star yes

May god transform your twinkle twinkle little star yes to a mighty shooting star amen to a mighty shooting star to reach your destination by amen and i fire prayer for all the sunday school children yes become twinkle twinkle little if you go to the united nations they are teenagers teenagers as young as 10 12 they are fully employed you go to google they are teenagers teenagers that are employed

They are working for google you go to facebook it is like that you are beyond twinkle twinkle little stars the bible says eyes have not seen ears have no head what god has prepared for those who love him is that the stone the builders rejected has become the corner how can the cornerstone become twinkle twinkle little star brightening and shining in one small corner and there is a song believers used to say this little light i have

[Music] i’m gonna let it shine let so your little twinkle little star you keep signing and it is only your mata children that will know you [Music] only your mother student not in your village had a man who knew you not taking your village head man let alone the chief of your village the moment they mentioned your name

Everybody that is a member must be proud enough to associate themselves to you why because you have grown beyond little light to a shooting light amen am i communicating amen okay let’s move on quickly because we have communion service to do number three we have the falling stars we have the falling stars may you not be a fallen star in jesus name amen will you be a standing

Star in jesus name amen so if there is a falling start then there is also a standing star and that one i don’t need to explain which one will you prefer falling or standing receive it by fire amen and some people most often depend on the accolades of the past the glory of the past hey i remember those days when i used to be a powerful prophet of god but what happened to you

I remember those days when i was married you are even proud you are still alive and you are talking about when you used to marry and they cover it with pride i never want to marry again because of what i suffered it takes you to mingle if he was bad enough then you are equally bad enough but as for some of us we are enjoying our helping here

On this earth on this earth i’m enjoying our heaven on this earth amen am i communicating to somebody amen he said for this reason the man will leave his parents and will cling to the wife and the two of them shall become if it was not good god wouldn’t have instituted it at the first institution after creation amen it is good hallelujah

Anything that gives you glory of the past than the present doesn’t give glory to god amen and i remember my ex oh how i miss him you are living in the past you should be living in the present you are almost like a fallen star falling star hallelujah in those days 2013 when zambia beat

Ghana they beat codivua they beat all the top teams in africa and they became the champions of africa with uh suzu what’s the name there oh how i love that guy he’s like a rock at that defense and then zambians when they have been beaten left and right today they will consult themselves and say those days

2013 when we beat ghana when we beat code you are a falling star keep quiet you are a foreign star we are talking of those who are standing amen the bible said i will give you a place among the standing amen zacharia the priest i will give you a place among those who are standing not those who are falling amen hallelujah any power of the enemy yes that is pulling your star to fall yes it means

You are about to die amen may jehovah resist that evil amen may the power of god resist that evil hand why even a young medical student that is here to graduate to become a medical practitioner you dream that your star is falling down it means you will never conclude you will never graduate you will never leave to practice what you have studied in this in the school of medicine and i pray for you yes that major hope

Lift up his mighty right hand and withhold your staff from falling amen withhold your staff from falling amen withhold your staff from falling amen and that is why church when you have a dream that you are falling into a ditch a gutter a river excuse my language a toilet immediately look for a prophet for prayer because the aftermath will be

Disastrous you are supposed to be standing not falling am i communicating falling stars number four number four wandering stars jude chapter 113 wandering stars and those who carry wandering stars are people who always procrastinate your star is unstable

Your star is what you pray you pray you pray for god to bless you with marriage and god gives you the marriage and you are never satisfied you have to go back into the mud and do what single people do you pray god help me find money somebody should help me pay my school fees money is found school fees is paid but you are never at school

You have the spirit of a wanderer wandering in the wrong places in life and it is there also in the church where people have a wandering spirit in church everybody is your spiritual father everybody is your papa everybody is your prophet hallelujah amen pastors we suffer all we suffer sometimes when i’m laying hands

On certain people i pray within me but when i look at where they are coming from and whose hand was upon them he can easily contaminate you the pastor contaminate you the pastor hallelujah jude 13 says raging waves of the sea forming up their own shame wandering stars for whom it’s reserved the blackness of darkness forever for bible says anyone who is unstable should not think

That he will receive any good thing from the lord if your mind is unstable you are here today tomorrow you are there today you want a a vape that is dark in complexion the next day you want a babe that is light in complexion today man of god my preference for a husband is a is a man that has broadcast the next day amanda is short the next day amanda has a car

The next day the man that is working the next day the man that is a prophet you are a wanderer everywhere you are there everywhere you are there i pray for stability amen church i pray for stability i pray for stability amen genesis 49 the bible said and jacob cursed his firstborn son ruben he said unstable as water you will be and rubin became a wanderer and the descendants of rubin became wondrous their stars were not

Stable somebody will pray with you pray for you stand with you when you break through you will use the money to buy a house build a house rent a house for a side chick who doesn’t even know how to prepare shima let alone lay a bed sheet on a bed the one who suffered with you prayed with you the moment the breakthrough come the spirit of a wanderer comes in

And when the money finishes guess what you always run back to your wife to cry things are not working out i don’t know what i must do and your wife becomes a defense mechanism gives you a shoulder that you can cry on the moment you break through small you become mr heechule the most popular man in zambia all lusaka babies must know you may thunder fire your head

Number five number five we have the morning star which we read already in revelation 22 16 and isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 in the beginning of the semen remember the scripture we read right isaiah the devil was known as the morning star revelation 22 the last book of a chapter of revelation verse 16 jesus was known as the morning star so we have the morning star everybody has a star

Everybody has a star jesus is known as the morning star lucifer who is different from satan is also known as the morning which one are you are you a shooting star a twinkling little star a wandering star a monster number six we have the shining stars we have the shining stars and number seven we have the super

Stars number seven we have the super stars me my own strength my own is what because jesus is a monster i’m also a monster i’ve adopted it by fire and i’m also a shining star am i not a shining star and i’m also a super if you are jealous you need deliverance hallelujah philippians chapter 2 verse 15

Philippians chapter 2 verse 15 we are about to bring the same one to an end that you may become blameless and harmless children of god without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among who you shine as lights in the world among whom you shine are stars or lights in the world from today wherever you stand wherever you will

Appear you will shine like a star among your mother’s children yes today the grace of a shining star has fallen upon you amen even when you don’t have money they will listen to you amen even when you don’t have wisdom they will listen to you amen i fire prayer for you yes as a woman and as a man when men gather together yes your light

Will shine above everybody amen when women gather together yes your light will shine among everybody amen i have come to understand yes regardless of my weaknesses and my mistake regardless of the enemies that are fighting me as though i have never been of help to them i have come to understand that i make a difference amen without me it is never the same with me in it

The presence and the glory of god yes comes into contact with anyone that comes around me amen i have come to believe it and i have come to accept it that even a foreigner who is issued a permit to live in zambia and preach the gospel of jesus christ yes as a christian nation this nation is never the same without the voice and the prayer of elijah coffee came and fire nation arena ministries amen i am a shining star that cannot be deemed amen

I am a shining star that cannot be stopped you have to believe it and say it to yourself amen you have to believe it and prophesy it to yourself amen my father may not know what it means to be a prophet my father may not know what it means to be born again my father may not know what it means to seek god face to face to be the beloved of god yes to have an encounter with god yes i live in as a son of my father yes i am not

Restricted never to do what my father has not been able to do yes the bible said the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former house yes and i decree and declare yes now whatever my father has not been able to do yes i am not my father yes my father is only a channel through which i came in this early yes and i will do greater than he has done because i am a shining star in my family

I am a scientist in my generation i am a shining star in my nation i am a sinister in my ministry i prophesy with my eyes open when men say there is a casting down yes i elijah king i shall declare that there is a lifting when men said they are sick i shall say i am healed when men say they are poor i shall say i am prosperous i prophesy and i prophesy yes

From today yes my greatness shall not be limited my greatness cannot be stopped wrong my greatness cannot be covered my greatness cannot be buried i am the star of my family i am the star of my generosity i am the star of my nation and i lift up my hands over your head and i prophesy in the name of jesus yes because of you yes your father’s name yes your family’s name is your family’s

Tribe your family’s legacy shall be known by the nations of the world shall be known by the people of the world shall be known by the tribes of the world arise and shine yes for you are a shining star yes for you are a superstar arise and shine yes for you are favored of the lord when you want the blessing of the lord

Lift up your voice and say i am a shining star i am a shining star [Music] hallelujah amen family i say hallelujah amen when the spirit of god took me uh-huh to state house after sunday’s prayer and i was in a room with the president and with certain ministers that were in the statehouse i’ve never been there physically

And the spirit of god transformed me yes and i penetrated through the wall and i entered into the secret of secrets where the president was and i was privileged to see the unseeable and hear the unhearable when i woke up from my revelation i told myself that elijah you eat a shimmer but you are not an ashima prophet amen you are a prophet of the most high god amen you are a sinister to

This generation amen you are not ordinary yes hallelujah amen you are not ordinary of all the people in lusaka of all the people in zambia it is you who has been privileged to sit under this grace amen count yourself as somebody that is so special amen accept it is given to a man he cannot receive amen except you are called you cannot come

For many are there who are called but few who are chosen for you to be here means you are chosen of the lord amen to be a partaker to be a participant yes to be an eyewitness in this end time that god also has 50 more prophets whose need has no bow to bow you are special church amen you

Are special church i said you are special church when you are special [Music] five years from now ten years from now i want you to remember this semester amen many many years 20 years from now whatever the world will throw at you and life will throw at you always remember yes that you are shining

Star amen you are not a falling star amen you are not a forester on sunday i prayed for mrs malunga and i said you were wearing a coat of many colors i sat down in my house and i was meditating on the administration of sunday in my purple priesthood mercedes anointing rope

Time time time you didn’t see me on sunday i almost became a catholic priest on sunday wow now listen i sat down in my sitting room yes and i was meditating on the administration and i said the court of many colors where is it coming from

The court of many calendars is coming from this altar amen and the court of medical is all the blessings she is enjoying number one as a married woman number two as a mother number three as a daughter to a family amen it’s a blessing to be a partaker of this grace yes the first day she came to my office she had a yellow hair on she had earrings in her nose she had multiple pierced

Ears on her ears and i looked at her she would not stop talking i said god [Music] today look at her god has transformed her if i give a microphone now to preach you will be shocked it is a court of many colors amen you are a shining star amen and then the

Devil forgot the devil made a mistake chanda did you see that prophecy in the video so it is there okay because i didn’t see it among the videos you posted on youtube so make sure you post it okay wonderful and the devil made a mistake to forget that she is under a commission

Where we are not falling stars but we are standing sisters we don’t die before our time i have said it categorically and boldly if you are not comfortable with it look for a church where you can be buried but as long as i remain in your spiritual head yes you are forbidden to

Die below 75. here in zambia people choose the church they will go to because when they die they want the church to bury them do you know that it’s so common here in zambia here if you want to die don’t come here because you can’t die amen you cannot the grace i carry does not allow young people to die

Before they are tired it does not so when they took up the garments from here they forgot that in this church yes people don’t die before their time and the government they have taken away means that she herself has to start confessing i want to die i want to die i want to die after the service the husband said my wife asked me did you tell papa

What i’ve been saying at home that i want to die so how can your husband tell me and i deceive the holy ghost and i deceive the whole church to say god is the one speaking to me you have belittled my grace believe in my grace my mind when i hear from god i have heard from god and i say it publicly and confidently without fear amen because i have track record

Of the voice of god amen hallelujah amen and the daughter leah also said to the father in fact even me anytime she speaks to me she tells me isaiah in church leah she’s been telling you also she was telling you also that [Music] what huh that she wants to leave and go away mazabuka sorry

Kenya not dying she wants to be alone either go to kenya or die and be alone hey mama’s italy but it wasn’t her it wasn’t her it was a spirit that came upon her to say you are not enjoying your life you think you are married you are not married you think you are blessed you are not blessed you think you have children you don’t have children that is the court of many colors they took it

Off here so for her to be alive beyond 2021 2022 five years later 10 years later 20 years later until she got to 100 and over and she’s tired and i said now god if she wants to go i allow her it is a great privilege amen you are not a falling star in a church like ours we don’t sell

Olive oil we don’t sell handkerchiefs we don’t even sell stickers the one i made i have to give people because this church i don’t know the spirit that is working here i have to give it away huh somebody enters into a church diagnose or brain tumor when he bows down his head the nose is oozing out of blood just one prayer

Do you know what it means to be diagnosed or brain tumor it is a death sentence church it is a death sentence you don’t recover except by the hand of god of god church we are not following stars amen we are shooting stars amen we are superstars amen superstars in the

Kingdom superstars in the kingdom and superstars in the kingdom right amen people some of them will go to church and the whole service what they will be waiting for is the announcer to announce that somebody has died so they can go for burial some people have left their churches because of this demon say in our church there’s too much burial in our church

Every week every month the women must gather and go and cry every week the women must gather and we are tired of crying we want a church where we want to laugh but unfortunately for some people when they come and there is too much laughter they become too familiar they become too familiar you know what we mean by superstars superstar mean that you become a celebrity amen in your field of career you cannot hide anymore

You cannot take a psychic a sugar daddy to a hotel anymore because you are known you’ll be seen amen you’ll be captured by the cctv you are popular you are famous and that is the kind of grace after this service yes god is going to rest upon some of us if you are clapping the receiver of this grace [Music] you have done so much for me that i cannot tell