More Economic Hardship Coming – Apostle Elijah Kofi King

I was in the realm of the spirit then spirit of God Came Upon me and my eyes, here is what i saw the Russian President Putin is not going to change his tactics of War. He is going to change the Statics of War by causing the world to enter into another phase of economic hardship beyond the one that of Covid-19 has brought. He is going to change his tactics, he’s going to change his status he’s not going to do economic War economic War and the war specifically is going to be between Putin and Biden.

Putting and biding so in other words it is going to be against the dollar the American dollar which will eventually affect the whole world economically and that is why in the beginning of the year I told you to prepare yourself if you have money buy a plot in the rural areas where you can farm and make a well make what make a well make a well make a well it is going to come

And it is coming there is a platform called PayPal on the internet where people transfer money is the easiest way of money transfer especially those who are in the Western World America the Europe the Canada and all those people right yes good so PayPal came up and he said they are brought up a policy the policy is that anyone that rises to speak against the

Sodom agenda the Sodom agenda they will seize all your money in your accounts and the moment they made that announcement people redrew all their money and close the account and one day they lost six billion dollars in one day they lost six billion dollars this one they prompted you ahead of time so you could withdraw your money the one that is coming might take you by surprise so if God is blessing you don’t

Concentrate on the cities concentrate in the rural areas so those of you who believe the only people in your village are witches and wizard so you never go there go before they go he gets tough and prepare yourself a place where the city is choked when the water will be choked where all the restaurants will be bought and choked Hallelujah Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King

Is worth hearing thank you