London One On One Prophetic Ministration ~ Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King


Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King delivers a prophetic ministration addressing the spirit of disappointment, financial struggles, and marital challenges that have been following and fighting against an individual. He emphasizes the need for prayer to counteract these negative forces.


  • A spirit of disappointment has been persistently present in the person’s life, affecting their finances and marriage.
  • If prayer is not offered, the spirit of disappointment will continue to disrupt their happiness.
  • The prophetic minister warns of impending theft and advises caution regarding investments.
  • The individual is urged to forgive their spouse and not allow past experiences to destroy their marriage.
  • The minister detects a spiritual serpent sent by witches and wizards to bring sudden sickness. He prays for protection and healing.
  • The person is advised not to eat late at night to avoid spiritual contamination.
  • The prophetic ministration offers hope, declaring that joy and financial blessings are coming, but a warning is given to be vigilant.

Note: The transcript provided contains a mixture of repetitive phrases, unclear statements, and fragmented sentences. The summary attempts to extract the essential points from the text.