Live Sunday Prophetic Clinic || I Must Be Discovered || 17-12-23 || Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King

Welcome to another week at Fire Nation Arena Ministries International! We are grateful for God’s faithfulness and loving kindness, as He has protected us and brought us together once again. Today, we are here to celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Join us as we dive into the live Sunday prophetic clinic, led by Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King. Let us pray, worship, and seek God’s presence in our lives.

Gratitude and Worship:
As we gather in His house, we want to express our gratitude to the Lord for His faithfulness. Let us clap and celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We acknowledge His protection and loving kindness that has brought us to this moment. We are privileged to be in the house of the Lord and celebrate His goodness.

In this live service, we take a moment to give thanks to the Almighty God for all He has done for us. We thank Him for His love and protection over our lives and the church. Let us pray and express our gratitude to God for His blessings.

Confession and Forgiveness:
We humbly confess our sins and ask for God’s forgiveness. We acknowledge our shortcomings and run to God for His mercy. Through the blood of Jesus, we seek purification, sanctification, and forgiveness. Let us pray for God’s forgiveness and ask for His cleansing power.

Anointing and Empowerment:
We ask the Spirit of God to take over our lives, refresh us, and empower us. We seek the anointing of God to break every yoke and burden, giving us freedom, joy, and peace. We pray for God’s power and grace to fill us and strengthen us. Let us seek the anointing of God and ask for His presence in our lives.

Committing the Service to God:
We commit the service into the hands of God, asking for His presence and anointing. We pray for a service filled with signs, wonders, and miracles. We stand against the powers of darkness and demonic attacks, taking authority and power in the name of Jesus. Let us pray for God’s power to descend upon the service and for His presence to be felt.

As we conclude this live Sunday prophetic clinic, we are grateful for the opportunity to come together and seek God’s presence. We celebrate His faithfulness and protection over our lives and the church. Let us continue to worship, pray, and seek God’s anointing and empowerment in our lives. May His presence be felt and His miracles be evident as we continue our journey of faith.