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SummaryApostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King prophesied about violence and chaos in India, which later came true. The violence erupted during a Hindu religious procession, leading to clashes and damage to property. The situation remains tense, with the potential for more violence.Highlights🙏 Prophecy Confirmation Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King predicted violence and chaos in India, which has now been confirmed.🌆 Hindu Procession Clash The violence started during a Hindu religious procession in a Muslim-majority area.🔥 Property Damage The aftermath included burnt vehicles, looted shops, and destruction of property.😡 Ongoing Tensions Friction between communities persists, with fear of more violence over minor incidents.📽 Mosque Attack A mosque was attacked and set on fire, further escalating tensions.🗳 Political Impact These clashes near Delhi could have political implications as they occurred at the start of an election season.🕊 Pray for Peace The spirit of the Lord urged people to pray for peace and unity in India to quell the chaos and confusion.