(HOT🔥) My One On One PROPHETIC Ministration With A King In Ghana ~ Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King


Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King shares a prophetic ministration in which he reveals spiritual and physical attacks targeting an individual in Ghana. He warns about witchcraft and envy as sources of spiritual attacks, while physical attacks involve a land dispute and a planned gunshot. He advises caution when visiting the disputed land and emphasizes the importance of a prophetic gift that makes the person fearless. He also warns about breathing difficulties, advises against consuming cow meat, encourages humility and generosity, and suggests praying at the person’s mother’s home for spiritual cleansing.


  • 🔥 There are spiritual attacks involving witchcraft and physical attacks driven by envy.
  • 🔮 A land dispute poses a trap, and the person should be cautious while visiting the land.
  • 🔫 There is a planned gunshot attack against the person, as previous spiritual attacks have failed.
  • 👑 The person has a prophetic gift that makes them fearless.
  • 💔 Breathing difficulties and chest pain may arise, and avoiding cow meat is advised for health reasons.
  • 💰 The person should remain humble, avoid bragging, and become a giver to protect against attacks on their blessings.
  • 🏡 Praying at the person’s mother’s home or family house is recommended for spiritual cleansing.

Note: The provided content is a transcript and includes repetitions and fragmented sentences. The summary attempts to capture the main points.