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SummaryApostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King has made prophetic confirmations about Haiti’s troubles, including chaotic situations, flooding disasters, and gang violence. Haiti is currently facing severe flooding, displacing thousands and causing fatalities, highlighting the country’s weak infrastructure and challenges. The flooding exacerbates food insecurity and underscores the threat of climate change. Gang violence in Haiti has escalated, with a vigilante movement forming in response.HighlightsπŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή Apostle Dr. Elijah Kofi King predicts chaotic situations, destruction, and gang violence in Haiti.β›ˆοΈ Haiti experiences one of its worst flooding disasters, displacing thousands and causing fatalities.🏚️ Weak infrastructure and a history of violence and political turmoil worsen the impact of the flooding.🌍 The disaster highlights the challenges of climate change and food insecurity in Haiti.πŸŒ€ The Atlantic hurricane season poses an ongoing threat to the region.πŸ”« Gang violence escalates, with vigilante movements targeting suspected gang members in Haiti.πŸ’” Haiti faces a spiraling pattern of violence and insecurity, impacting its citizens deeply.