Ghana Must Hear This ~ Apostle Dr Elijah Kofi King

A Prophetic Warning for a Nation’s Leader: A Call to Repentance and Redemption

Dear Beloved Members of our Mega Church Family,

As we navigate through the spiritual landscape of our times, it becomes imperative for us to heed the prophetic messages that come forth, particularly when they are directed towards individuals of great influence and importance within our nation. Today, we stand witness to a profound word delivered by a Global prophet, Dr. Elijah Kofi King, proclaiming the message of the Lord.

“This is strictly prophetic,” declares the voice of the prophet, “and He that has an ear should hear and listen to the voice of the Lord in the mouth of His Prophet.”

The message is clear, directed towards a significant personality within our nation. In the eyes of the world, this individual may hold great importance, but in the realms of the spirit, they have been rejected by God. Such a revelation is not to be taken lightly, for it is indeed a dangerous thing to be rejected by the Almighty.

The prophet, exercising caution, refrains from naming the person directly. However, the urgency of the message transcends the need for explicit identification. This individual, dwelling within our land, has incurred the wrath of God by their actions and attitudes.

The word of caution from the Lord rings clear: repentance is the only path to redemption. Without a change of heart and ways, the consequences will be dire. Sickness and death loom over the horizon, threatening to extinguish the very life of this individual.

The prophet speaks of previous warnings, manifested in the form of sickness that visited the individual’s home and family. Twice have these warnings been issued, yet they remain unheeded. Now, a third visitation is imminent, and it will not come as a mere letter, but as a coffin, ready to carry the soul away.

The impending judgment may take various forms, each more ominous than the last. Whether through organ failure or tragic accidents, the outcome remains the same: unless repentance is sought, death will claim its due.

Moreover, the spiritual unrest of the individual is laid bare. Dreams haunted by the specters of the dead, sleep disrupted by unseen forces—these are not mere manifestations of stress or fatigue but harbingers of a deeper spiritual affliction.

Yet, amidst the looming shadows of judgment, there exists a glimmer of hope. The prophet extends an olive branch, urging repentance and reconciliation with the Almighty. Grace and mercy await those who turn from their wicked ways and embrace the path of righteousness.

For the nation of Ghana, and indeed for all who look up to this individual, the time for reckoning is at hand. The eyes of the world may be upon them, but it is the gaze of the Most High that truly matters.

Let us, as a church community, lift our voices in prayer for this individual, that they may heed the prophetic warning and find redemption in the arms of the Lord.

In conclusion, let us remember the words of the prophet: “He that has an ear should hear and listen to the voice of the Lord in the mouth of His Prophet.”

May we all have ears to hear and hearts open to receive the divine message.